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Her Spark Events


Her Spark holds events year round, providing opportunities for young girls to engage with and learn about a wide range of topics in STEM. In these events, participants will be able to learn about new coding languages and other practical skills while having the chance to interact with industry professionals.

Ignite Events

Ignite Events provide a variety of engaging learning opportunities for high school girls throughout the year, from diverse panel discussions with industry professionals and hands-on demonstrations in a classroom setting, to field trips and career path demonstrations.


Summer Summit

Summer Summits invite high school girls to learn practical coding languages and skills in preparation for STEM careers, while introducing them to the latest technologies, such as cryptocurrency, robotics and artificial intelligence. They'll also enjoy "day in the life" experiences to connect with seasoned professionals and recognize how these skills can apply to different career paths, from data sciences to pharmaceuticals to engineering.


Past Event Sponsors

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