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Five Questions with Crystal Wright

Her Spark asked Cisco’s Project Specialist for Data & Analytics Crystal Wright Five Questions. Here's what she had to say!

Q1: Who is your favorite female role model and why?

The hidden figure, Katherine Johnson, is one of my favorite female role models. She was a NASA employee whose mathematical calculations were critical to the success of the first crewed spaceflight. I admire her persistence and dedication. She did not let the fact she was a black woman in a male dominated industry stop her.

Q2: What are you reading right now? OR What's next on your reading list?

I am studying for my PMP Certification so next up on my list is Rise: 3 Practical Steps for Advancing Your Career, Standing Out as a Leader, and Liking Your Life by Patty Azzarello & PMBOK Guide 6th Edition.

Q3: What's the best career or academic advice you ever received?

If you find yourself wanting more from your role or wanting to try something new, a great way to create a role for yourself is to listen to others tell you their business problems and offer your assistance. You will find yourself building new relationships and this could lead you to a place where you want to be.

Q4: Her Spark's mission is to equip girls with the STEM skills and opportunities to succeed in the careers of tomorrow - dedicated to solving gender disparity in computer science, engineering and technology careers. What does the Her Spark mission mean to you?

As a mom to a little girl, I champion women's rights and equality every day. I want her to grow up in a world that sees equal representation across all careers, especially tech. I want my daughter to experience a workforce that will embrace her ideas and appreciate her views.

Q5: What is your favorite part of Summer Summit? If you haven’t attended before, what are you looking forward to the most?

This year will be my first Summer Summit and I'm so excited. I'm looking forward to seeing young women from all over the county come together and learn about various topics in technology.

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