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About Her Spark


Equip girls with the skills and opportunities to succeed in the careers of tomorrow, and we are dedicated to solving gender disparity in science, technology, engineering and math careers.

Founded with Encouragement and Support

Founded by professional women and business leaders, our goal is to ignite the STEM journey of bright young women while diversifying the STEM talent pipeline.


Fueled by Possibilities

Programs invite high school girls to learn practical STEM skills in preparation for STEM classes and careers, while introducing them to the latest technologies, such as cryptocurrency, robotics and artificial intelligence.

They'll also enjoy "day in the life" experiences to connect with seasoned professionals and recognize how these skills can apply to different career paths, from data sciences to pharmaceuticals to engineering to medicine. Through our events, girls also learn about leadership, team building, project management, resume writing, presentation skills, public speaking and social media responsibility.

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"I have long had an interest in the sciences, so my career in 'letters' has led me to where I am today. I love my field. But I do believe if I had been exposed to the sciences in a bigger way, I might have been drawn to a STEM field in college in a more direct way that, at the time, I felt was out of reach."
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Her Spark is proudly led by some of the most accomplished STEM professionals.

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