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Five Questions with Heather Chandler

Her Spark asked Heather Chandler, Owner of Whole Brain Escape & Heather Makes Games, Five Questions. Here's what she had to say!

Q1: Who is your favorite female role model and why?

My female role model is Dolly Parton. There are so many reasons that I love her. Not only is she a talented singer and performer, she also spends a lot of time, effort, and money in making things better. Her Imagination Library gives kids free books; she created Dollywood to bring tourism and jobs to her hometown; she contributes to medical research and established a sanctuary to preserve the American Eagle. She is always positive, isn't afraid to poke fun at herself and does everything with her unique style.

Q2: What are you reading right now? Or what's next on your reading list?

I’m currently reading Carter Beats the Devil. This is a fictionalized biography of a magician from the 1920s called Charles Carter. The story talks about historical figures he encountered during his career, and there is a bit of mystery involving the death of President Harding. Really interesting and fun read!

Q3: What's the best career or academic advice you ever received?

My advice is make a decision when you are only 80% confident, don't wait until you are 100%, otherwise the decision takes too long. Meaning if you always wait until you are sure you have the correct answer or decision, you will never be able to make them in a timely fashion. You need to be comfortable acting with just 80% of the information, because you can always try another route if the original decision made things worse!

Q4: Her Spark's mission is to equip girls with the STEM skills and opportunities to succeed in the careers of tomorrow - dedicated to solving gender disparity in computer science, engineering, and technology careers. What does the Her Spark mission mean to you?

I am very passionate about encouraging girls to explore careers in the game industry. It's important to introduce middle school and high school girls to this possibility to help maintain their enthusiasm for STEM as they go through college. If they enjoy playing games, they may also enjoy making them - if they are aware that this is an option. Having a diverse game development team creates richer gaming experiences.

Q5: What is your favorite part of Summer Summit? If you haven’t attended before, what are looking forward to the most?

I love talking and interacting with the girls. The last time I was there, I brought our portable escape room and watched while different groups solved it. I also enjoy encouraging girls to explore careers in the Game Industry!

Connect with Heather on Social Media:

Heather Makes Games – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

Whole Brain Escape – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter

About Her Spark

Founded in 2017 by professional women and business leaders, Her Spark is dedicated to solving gender disparity in computer science, engineering and technology careers. Her Spark’s mission is to equip girls with the skills and opportunities to succeed in the careers of tomorrow. For more information, to learn ways to get involved or to make a donation, please visit


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