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Five Questions with Nykaj Nair

Her Spark asks Nykaj Nair, managing director of the global IoT business at Cisco, Five Questions. Here’s what he had to say!

Q1: Giving Tuesday is “a global generosity movement unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and the world.” What does Giving Tuesday mean to you?

Giving Tuesday’s meaning is empowering. It’s an opportunity to help build and support stronger, safer and more vibrant societies.

Q2: Why is it important to give back to the people in your community?

Happy, healthy and safe communities are pivotal for human evolution and growth. Citizens must contribute their time, energy and resources to ensure that communities remain vibrant!

Q3: Think back to a time where someone donated their time or resources to help you along your career path. How did this individual’s generosity set your career goals in motion?

I moved from India to Australia to pursue my MBA at the age of 22. Settling into a new country is always tricky, especially when you are home sick and have very little resources. Late Pastor Bert and his lovely wife, Judy, were instrumental in helping me settle into Australia. They gave me a place to stay within the church property and invested an enormous amount of time and energy teaching me important life lessons. Every time I found myself at a crossroads, I would turn to them for advice. Finally, when I graduated from the business school with dreamy eyes, a potential job on the horizon and no money in my pockets, it was Pastor Bert and Judy who donated their resources to get my wife and I married! Due to their generosity and kindness, I always make an effort to positively impact the lives of other people.

Q4: Why is it important that we expose the younger generation to career opportunities in a variety of industries?

Exposure to a variety of industries gives the younger generation a plethora of career options, and it helps them identify an industry/vocation that they might thrive in. It also helps them gain critical business insights and teaches them life skills.

Q5: Her Spark’s mission is to “equip girls with the STEM skills and opportunities to succeed in the careers of tomorrow — dedicated to solving gender disparity in computer science, engineering and technology careers.” Why do you believe Her Spark is an important nonprofit to support?

Diversity brings in people from various backgrounds, experiences and cultures, and it drives innovation. Innovation is crucial in every society because it helps communities thrive. Her Spark is not just an imperative business for the technology industry. Its mission ensures we grow and evolve as a human race in this everchanging world.

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About Her Spark

Founded in 2017 by professional women and business leaders, Her Spark is dedicated to solving gender disparity in computer science, engineering and technology careers. Her Spark’s mission is to equip girls with the skills and opportunities to succeed in the careers of tomorrow. For more information, to learn ways to get involved or to make a donation, please visit


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